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Zhu Xia Metal products Co., Ltd.

We are a modern state-owned enterprise, established in 2009, which set up a new material project with an annual capacity of 200,000 tons of high-end aluminum for air transportation industry.We built a high-purity and high-performance aluminum alloy production line.
Main production lines:
Hot-Rolled Plate production line.
Large Extrusion Profile production line.
Cold-Rolled Automobile Plate production line.
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Aluminum Applications

Our main products are aluminum alloys, including plates/sheets/coils/bars/tubes, etc.  The high magnesium, aluminum alloy plate, sheet, aluminum alloy pre-stretched aluminum alloy sheet series products are widely used in aerospace, military industry, electric locomotive, special vehicle, ship manufacturing, machinery processing, chemical industry, electric power, transportation, construction, and decoration industries. 

3c Electronic industry

3C Electronic Industry

Aerospace Industry
Aerospace Industry
Transportation Industry
Transportation Industry

Our Service

We are always taking various aluminum products for our customer to delivering cost effective & reasonable pricing.

Customize Solution

With overall 24 years of experience and production .providing special aluminum pipe products as per our needs.

Quality Assured

We are always giving first priority to providing best quality aluminum alloy raw materials products to our customers.

Timely Delivery

We are having facility and tie-up with local and international shipping consultant.


Our News

19. August 2020
How is Aluminum plate made?

You can often see items made of aluminum panels in life, so do you know how aluminum plates are made? Which industries can aluminum plates be used in?

17. August 2020
How do I choose a milling cutter?

Milling cutter is one of the indispensable tools for modern metal processing. What are the characteristics of milling cutters? What factors should be considered when choosing a milling cutter?

17. August 2020
Is aluminum metal foam a modern material?

As a new modern material, foam metal aluminum, what are its main characteristics? In which areas can foamed metal aluminum be used? Why can aluminum foam be recognized by various industries?



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