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Aluminum Forging Yoke Propeller Cardan Shaft Spline Drive Parts

Processing Object: Metal
Molding Style: Forging
Molding Technics: Gravity Casting
Application: Machinery Parts
Material: Aluminum
Heat Treatment: Annealing


Zhu Xia has many years of experience in the production of aluminum automotive parts, interior automotive parts and other products. Through professional technical knowledge and ability, R & D technicians manufacture high-quality products that meet strict requirements. They are deeply loved and trusted by customers. Customers are all over the world.

Product Description:

Hot forging is a metalworking process in which metals are plastically deformed above their recrystallization temperature, which allows the material to retain its deformed shape as it cools. Hot forging is accomplished using hydraulic or pneumatic hammers, presses, and other similar machinery that are used to compress the heated metal into its desired automotive parts shape. This is most often achieved using a custom die. The dies used in hot forging are custom-made to match the customer's part designs. Because hot metal is more pliable, this process allows for more intricate shapes than cold forging, making a vast array of aluminium automotive parts geometries possible.

Customize any kind of aluminium automotive parts according to your material object or CAD file.

Product features:

When producing aluminum automotive parts, we strictly follow the NADCA standard 2-3 grade die-casting surface, and the products made with excellent technology have a smooth surface and beautiful appearance.


For interior automotive parts, aluminum automotive parts and other products, we can guarantee the most accurate dimensional tolerances, avoid waste in the processing process, and can better save costs.



Item: Aluminum auto parts

Weight: 1.3kg

Size: Dia 80x320mm

Material: ADC-12

Tolerance grade of casting: CT-5(ISO-8062)

Tolerance grade of machined feature: ISO-2768 mk

Machining equipment: CNC machining

Surface finish: shot blasting

Application: Automotive

Brand: Zhu Xia

Zhu Xia invests in the most advanced machines and technologies and therefore has the most advanced die casting technology. Our die casting is used in a variety of fields, implementing automation, saving resources to the greatest extent, and avoiding waste, which allows us to create first-class products to meet customer expectations.

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