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How is Aluminum plate made?

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You can often see items made of aluminum panels in life, so do you know how aluminum plates are made? Which industries can aluminum plates be used in?


  • Aluminum plate production process

  • Application of aluminum plate

  • What is the difference between aluminum plate and aluminum sheet?


Aluminum plate production process

The production of aluminum plates is impressive, and the rolling process starts with large quantities of preheated metal ingots weighing 20 tons. Ingots are often about six feet wide, twenty feet long, and more than two feet thick. They are fed into the breakdown machine and rolled back and forth until the metal reaches the proper thickness. In order to make the finished product as strong and durable as possible, the plates are heat treated and then rapidly cooled in a process called "quenching". Stretching and straightening the metal at this stage can reduce the accumulation of internal stress, and then trim the plate to a certain size and "age" at a predetermined temperature to provide the required performance.


The aluminium panel, which is intended to be thin or aluminum foil, is trimmed after leaving the breakdown machine, and then made thinner by a so-called "continuous mill", then it is coiled and reheated in the furnace to soften it to prepare for "cold" Rolling". Cold rolling is usually the final stage of the plate production process, but for other applications, additional heat treatment can further increase the strength of the material.


Application of aluminum plate

Aluminum plates are used for heavy-duty applications, usually in the aerospace, machinery and transportation fields. It can be processed into the shapes of jumbo jets, spacecraft fuel tanks, fuel storage tanks and other industrial containers, and because some aluminum alloys become stronger when they are very cold, they are very suitable for containing ultra-cold substances. Aluminum plates are also used in the framework of railway carriages, ships, military vehicles and safety vehicles. Aluminum plate is the most widely used form of metal. It is used for the packaging of cans. It is suitable for car bodies, trailers, household appliances and kitchenware, wall panels and drains, awnings and roofs, and is used to make car license plates, boats, road signs and many other things. Aluminum plates can also be oxidized to create an amazing finish in more or less any color, including gold. It can be easily etched to provide an elegant matte finish or polished to a beautiful high gloss. It can even be given an artificial wood surface or simple paint. Aluminum has many advantages, including light weight and strong corrosion resistance. It comes in the form of flat or thin plates, both of which can be continuously recycled without any loss of performance, and can be used in a wide range of industrial applications.


What is the difference between aluminum plate and aluminum sheet?

Aluminum sheet is the most commonly used form of aluminum. You can find it in all major markets of the aluminum industry. For example, aluminum sheets are used in the packaging industry to make packaging and cans. It is also valuable in manufacturing tractor trailers and car body panels in the transportation industry. Sheets are also suitable for cooking utensils and household appliances, and construction/construction products such as garages, awnings, roofs, sinks, and siding. The aluminum plate can even be given blue, red, gold, or black, for example, by color anodization. It can also be etched to feature matte, or polished to feature a bright, sparkling appearance. Aluminum plates can also be deformed into wood-like materials.


Aluminum plate is most commonly used in heavy-duty applications, especially in the manufacturing of transportation products, aerospace and military industries. Because some aluminum alloys may become more durable in extremely cold temperatures, aluminum plates can be used as the outer shell of spacecraft fuel tanks and jet aircraft, and can also be used for storage tanks. In addition, you can use aluminum plates to make structural parts for the armor of ships and railway vehicles and military vehicles.


Aluminum sheet is the most widely used form of industrial aluminum. If you are looking for high-quality aluminum sheet at a reasonable price, Zhu Xia Metal products Co., Ltd. will provide you with the best products


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