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Production under COVID19

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At present, the factory has arranged for workers to return to work.In order to ensure the safety of the resumption of work, we actively pay attention to the health of the staff, reasonable arrangement of work, using the combination of on-site office and telecommuting flexible work, in the mode of "15% on-site manpower input +85% network office" to start the resumption of work.

To ensure the production, we strictly in accordance with the requirements for the government, many times to return to work and production project meeting, detailed resume work plan, strict isolation scheme for field staff to ensure healthy on the Internet, for epidemic prevention, safety prenatal training, carry out "the epidemic, production, security, billiton market" activities, condensed staff confidence, stimulate staff with full enthusiasm and high morale to build the "production" to be completed, protracted war and comeback, help enterprise smoothly through the current crisis.

Up to now, our company has made steady transition to the production stage with the least number of personnel and the most optimized personnel arrangement, so as to ensure the production is stable and orderly. The enterprise has reached 100% of the working rate, 100% of the employees are collected dynamically every day, and the production capacity has been fully restored.Even if affected by the epidemic, we will continue to fight the epidemic, ensure production, ensure safety, and expand the market. We will work hard to ensure that the tasks for the whole year remain unchanged and the pressure will not be reduced, so as to bring back what we have lost.

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