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The regenerated nonferrous metal industry was affected by the epidemic situation and restarted production

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Since the outbreak of the new epidemic, the renewable nonferrous metal industry has faced difficulties in the short term, mainly raw materials shortage, insufficient orders, capital constraints, most of the enterprises forecast the first half of this year's revenue and profit decline has become a foregone conclusion, more than half of the enterprises forecast a decline of no less than 30%.Especially industrial supporting enterprises such as machinery and equipment manufacturing, resistant materials and refining agent production enterprises are more affected.In march, with the implementation of differentiated prevention and control strategies in different regions, renewable non-ferrous metal enterprises accelerated the resumption of work and production.According to the renewable metal branch of 118 enterprises tracking understanding, as of March 23, 81% has returned to work, but the return rate is only 50.8%.At present, the epidemic situation in China has been effectively controlled. While strengthening the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, enterprises also actively donate money and materials to support the fight against the epidemic in hubei and other regions. According to preliminary statistics, the total industrial cash donation is 176 million CNY.

The recent spread of the epidemic in Europe and the United States, the impact on the global renewable nonferrous metal industry continues to increase.As of mid-march, the impact of the outbreak in the United States had yet to be fully felt, according to the chapter on recycled metals. By comparison, the impact on east and west coast companies was greater than that on Midwest companies, and the impact on waste recycling companies was greater than that on processing companies.The epidemic situation in Europe is more serious, and Italy, Spain, Germany, France are big countries of renewable non-ferrous metals, the overall impact on the industry is greater: Italy anchitech company and SGM company basically work from home, workshop staff rotation work;German recycling companies began to reduce production, smelting companies relatively little impact.ISRI and BIR also canceled and postponed industry meetings expected in April and may, respectively.The epidemic has not only affected the recycling and processing of recycled metals, but also seriously affected the downstream demand. Take the automobile industry as an example. According to the latest media report on March 18, more than 70 automobile factories have stopped production or will stop production in Europe.The combined capacity of Japan's five largest auto makers is expected to fall by 580,000 units in the january-april period, with industry shutdowns and cutbacks severely weakening demand for recycled aluminum.

In short, the situation of the epidemic is changing rapidly, and the impact degree and duration of the global industrial chain are still difficult to accurately judge. 2020 will be an extraordinary year for renewable non-ferrous metal enterprises.

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