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What is the purpose of the aluminum plate?

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Aluminum is a durable material, so what are its applications in life? How is aluminum sheet made? What is the performance characteristic of aluminium plate? What's the use of aluminum sheet


  • What is aluminum sheet?

  • How is aluminum sheet made?

  • What's the use of aluminum sheet?


What is aluminum sheet?

Aluminum plate, also known as aluminum plate, is the result of pressing basic raw aluminum into a plate under high pressure.Aluminium panel is characterized by being very thin and light, but strong enough to provide great versatility and inherent ease of installation and maintenance. It also has many other unique and useful features that make it widely used today in a variety of industrial, agricultural, home DIY and manufacturing/production applications. A series of additional coatings applied to aluminum sheets can help create a durable material for use in outdoor or other challenging environments, such as exterior cladding. The very thin aluminum sheet is extremely light, making it ideal for beverage cans, food containers, and other everyday products for mass storage, transportation, and retail. Surface size and thickness are the main factors to consider when looking for an aluminium plate in the UK. Although overall surface area is the number one consideration when planning to work with sheet metal of this type, the variety of material finishes available will also play an important and expected role in helping you choose the ideal aluminum sheet you need.


How is aluminum sheet made?

At present, aluminium is only extracted from primitive bauxite, which is found in clay-like heavy soils several metres underground. The ore is then refined in a solution of hot lime and caustic soda to produce alumina, a white oxide powder. When combined with electricity and carbon at high temperatures (producing carbon dioxide), this oxide produces a liquid metal called aluminum. The liquid metal is then made into different kinds of ingots or alloys, depending on the final use. Ingots are usually made of aluminium used for pipes, bars, plates and angles, and can be up to 20 feet (20 tons!) in length. But extremely malleable. This makes it easy to roll or press them under varying temperatures and pressures to produce almost any useful thickness of aluminum plates, sheets, foils and other forms.


What's the use of aluminum sheet?

1.      Roofing aluminum panels are the most common applications for large panels because of their lightweight but sturdy construction and excellent corrosion resistance.

2.      Artistic ceilings - double bonded or aluminum clad panels are often used as interior ceilings or large tiles with highly decorative but wear resistant design features.

3.      Balconies - Aluminum balcony railings and balustrades are common, again thanks to their lightweight but sturdy construction and the fact that they are highly weatherproof.

4.      Beverage cans, beer kegs and other food industry containers - as well as a variety of sealed food storage solutions, you will often see wholesalers and suppliers selling reusable aluminum beer kegs that are valued for their non-reactivity, anti-pollution and anti-seepage quality, light weight, and economical transportation.

5.      Cable sheathing - The metal sheathing of a cable is usually made of aluminum foil and other extremely thin aluminum sheets, because it is relatively resistant to corrosion (and is easily made by various other treatments) and exhibits impressive mechanical properties. Electrical characteristics.

6.      Cladding and decorative panels - Aluminium panels have long been weather-resistant, lightweight and corrosion-resistant materials and are the preferred choice for external cladding, internal insulation and other design-led panel applications in a variety of industrial, commercial and civil buildings and installations. Sturdy and easy to color or decorate


Because aluminum plate has many unique and convenient characteristics, its USES are almost endless. If you are looking for high-quality aluminum sheet at a reasonable price, Zhu Xia Metal products Co., Ltd. will provide you with the best products


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