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Aluminum products manufacturer

Our factory locates in Guangxi province, which is a world-leading fabricated aluminum product developer and manufacturer. Main products are aluminum alloys, including plates/sheets/coils/bars/tubes, etc. The high magnesium, aluminum alloy plate, sheet, aluminum alloy pre-stretched aluminum alloy sheet series products are widely used in aerospace, military industry, electric locomotive, special vehicle, ship manufacturing, machinery processing, chemical industry, electric power, transportation, construction, and decoration industries.

With its enterprise capital strength, strong production, research, and development ability, now we have established a few wholly-owned companies or joint venture companies.

Aluminum Products

Alloy: 5083, 6061 Temper: O, H111, H112, T4, T6 Thickness: 3~50mm Max Width: 3800mm Surface: Mill finish or at request
Alloy: 5083, 5A06 Temper: O, H111, H112 Thickness: 3~260mm Max Width: 3800mm Surface: Mill finish or at request
Alloy: 5A06 Temper: O thickness: 0.5mm-4.0mm width: 1000mm-2600mm surface: mill finish or at request standard: GB/T3880 、EN485、ASTM B209




  • In March 2017
    The company successfully cast the 7-series aluminum alloy flat ingot with super size (2670mm width), which is the largest 7-series flat ingot in China so far.
  • In October 2017
    The first aluminum alloy flat ingot with the width of 2670mm was successfully cast in Asia to solve the technical problem that the large aircraft can only be rolled horizontally.
  • In January 2018
    It successfully cast the aviation flat ingot for the super-large (2520mm width) 7050 aircraft structural parts, which is the largest 7050 flat ingot in the world to date.
  • In November 2018
    The 7A04 commercial aluminum alloy flat ingot of super size (width up to 2520mm) was successfully cast, which is the largest aluminum alloy flat ingot of 7A04 in the world to date.
  • In December 2018
    The large-size 7055 aviation aluminum alloy flat ingot with the greatest difficulty was successfully cast once, breaking the industry record.
  • In October 2016
    The use of high purity degassing and slag removal technology has laid a solid foundation for the successful casting of 7A85 aviation aluminum alloy in October 2016. Through the project, we broke the technical blockade of foreign countries, broke through the world-class ultra-high difficulty aviation aluminum alloy casting technology, product quality reached the international advanced level.


  • Precision in-line quenching technology
    The precision on-line quenching system introduced from OMVA of Italy is adopted, which can be cooled by air cooling and water cooling. During quenching, the cooling rate of each part of the profile can be precisely controlled to ensure that the profile is not deformed by quenching, with good surface quality and small deviation of shape, position and size.
  • Extrusion product coarse crystal control technology
    The use of specially designed alloy components, combined with special heating and extrusion process, can effectively control the thick crystal thickness of extrusion products, 6061, 6082 and 7075 alloy bars can be controlled within 0.5mm thick crystal, significantly better than similar products in the industry.
  • Precision on - line quenching technology for large size complex section
    Our company can realize two cooling methods: air cooling and water cooling online, and the air volume or water volume of the nozzle in each direction of the profile can be controlled independently. This technology can minimize the deformation of profile during the quenching process and ensure the profile size accuracy.
  • 20m vertical quenching technology
    The 20m vertical quenching furnace introduced from avic is specially designed for military and aerospace products with high temperature uniformity and short quenching transfer time, which can meet the requirements of various high-performance aluminum alloy solution quenching.


  • Asymmetric rolling technique
    The use of asymmetric shear deformation rolling technology can make the cast tissue deformation more uniform and more sufficient, can greatly reduce the tissue porosity, porosity, trachoma and other genetic defects caused by the adverse harm, so that the final product material anisotropic performance is excellent. This technology is an important guarantee for the production of high quality aerospace aluminum alloy materials.
  • Super thick plate high hardenability technology
    In view of the problem that the poor hardenability of 2 series and 7 series of plate products with a thickness of more than 80mm affects the thickness of the plate, our company adopts the roller quenching spray process and the auxiliary quenching and cooling process to solve the hardenability of the super-thick 2 series and 7 series of plate products. This technology provides a strong guarantee for the production of high quality aerospace aluminum alloy materials.
  • 6xxx series medium thick board orange peel control technology
    Aiming at the problem of orange peel defect after solution quenching of 6 series hot rolled medium and thick plate, our company has successfully solved this technical problem in aluminum processing industry by optimizing chemical composition, unique pass rolling process and other technical means. This technology not only improves the surface quality of 6-series aluminum alloy plates, but also lays a good foundation for the subsequent anodic oxidation of the products.
  • Low stress super thick plate processing technology
    The residual stress of 2 series, 6 series and 7 series hot rolled quenched plate and prestretched plate under 260mm thickness can be effectively eliminated by using large tensile machine. This technology for the product follow-up deep processing escort.
  • Low pressure calendering technique
    This technology produces aluminum plates with high brightness and surface roughness up to 0.2 m, which can produce aluminum plates for tank cars, mirror aluminum plates, aluminum plates for COINS and other products. At present, 5083 alloy materials for tank cars have been exported to Thailand, Europe and the United States in large quantities.
  • Technology of continuous heat treatment of wide-width sheet
    Our company can produce the current domestic maximum width (2650mm) sheet strip. The temperature control precision of the furnace is up to ±1.1℃, and the control ability of the downline plate type is up to 5I. This technology can ensure the uniformity of the performance of the annealing/quenching product head, middle and tail (the fluctuation range of the whole coil performance of the coil product is less than 3%), and ensure the uniformity of the shape and surface quality of the aluminum plate. In addition, our company also has surface pickling, alkali washing, passivation, pre-aging, oil coating and oil coating detection technology, providing a strong guarantee for high value-added products in automotive and 3C electronics fields.


  • Aero-grade heat treatment equipment
    Aero-grade heat treatment equipment, roll bottom furnace, air cushion furnace and three-stage aging furnace certified by NADCAP for heat treatment, provide aero-grade products, heat treatment technical support, high temperature measurement technical support and service.
  • The capability of three-grade aging heat treatment
    It has the capability of three-grade aging heat treatment, and has the production capacity of 7-series aluminum alloy sheet T77 and T7751 for aerospace, providing various aluminum alloy aviation products.
  • Quench plate shape control technology of ultra-wide plate
    The maximum width of heat-treated products can reach 3800mm, and the inequality of quench plate can meet the high precision requirements of European standard and national standard.
  • Ultra-thin plate solution quenching technology
    The thinnest heat treatment product thickness up to 0.2mm.


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