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In 2015, we took the lead in developing 5252 aluminum alloy strip with excellent anodizing performance. In 2016, we independently developed 6N61, 6N13, 6N63 and other new 6-series aluminum alloy materials with both anodizing and stamping properties. In 2017, 7N21 aluminum alloy sheet of 3C electronic appearance parts was developed. In 2018, our R & D team cooperated with well-known 3C brands to develop a variety of personalized new materials. At present, our aluminum alloy products for 3C electronic appearance parts have been widely used in terminal products such as mobile phones, tablet computers, all-in-ones and other well-known 3C electronic brands at home and abroad.
  • 3C Electronic Industry Typical alloys:
    5052/5252 - O/H2x/H3x,6063-O/T4/T4P/T6/T651, 6061-O/T4/T4P/T6/T651,6013-O/T4/T4P/T6/T651,7021-T6/T651,7075-T6/T651
  • Automotive Heat Exchanger and Large-scale Air Separation Equipment Typical Alloys:
    4343/3A11/4343. 4343/7A11/4343. 4343/7A11/7072.
    4004/3003/7072. 4004/3A11/4004. 4045/3003/4045、
    4045/3003/7072. 4045/3A11/4045. 4045/7A11/7072.
  • Floor of High-speed Train/Water Tank of Motorhome/Automotive Fender/Construction/Mobile Phone Case
    Floor of High-spped Train Typical Alloys: 4045/3003/6A02/3003

    Water Tank of Motorhome Typical Alloys: 3004/7072

    Automotive Fender Typical Alloys: 1050/5052

    Construction Typical Alloys: 3003/7021/3003

    Mobile Phone Case Typical Alloys: 6000 Series/7000 Series


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