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Hot Rolling Plate Manufacturing Center

Our Hot Rolling Mill is capable to produce plates, sheets and coils for various alloys mainly in 2xxx,3xxx, 5xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx series. It owns the world first-class production lines, providing products with high specifications wieldable in medium strength, great flatness and excellent surface.

EBNER 40M Roller Hearth Furnace with the precise inner temperature control at ±1.5 is able to meet aviation standards for heat treatment in different sizes.
30MN&100MN Stretchers are for the purpose of reliving residual stress of plate after heat treatment and assuring better flatness.
EBNER Three-stage Aging Furnace is dedicated to producing T77 high-end plates for aerospace.
Phase Array Ultrasonic Testing Equipment is certified AA Grade Testing Standard.

Both-side Conductivity Testing Equipment is able to detect defects inside the ingots and plates effectively.

CNC Machine, Preparing saw, 6-meter saw, 4-meter saw and contour cutting machine are capable of meeting the demands of products in different sizes and shapes.


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