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Quality Assurance
We always integrate the quality management system into every link, pay attention to the systematic management efficiency, and ensure the provision of continuous and stable high-quality products and services. With the aviation material culture standard of “one gun for ten thousand people, ten thousand minus one equals zero”, we build a “five-in-one” quality management system of mutual benefit, product development, manufacturing process, after-sales service, and continuous improvement. "Zero defects, zero tolerance, zero concessions", and constantly improve the level of quality process control.
Through comprehensive quality control, we have established a scientific, rigorous and efficient quality management system. We have passed 23 quality system certifications, including 3 basic system certifications, 9 industry system certifications, 3 special process certifications, and 7 third-party certifications. 1 high performance certification, obtained a pass to enter the high-end manufacturing fields such as aerospace, rail transportation, automobiles and ships. In December 2018, we won the Chairman Quality Award for outstanding quality management performance.
Suppliers are mutually beneficial

Implement dynamic management of suppliers, define supplier relationships based on the characteristics of raw materials, adhere to mutual benefits and win-win results, and promote the sound development of the supply chain.
product development

Adhere to the quality of product development and design, establish perfect quality standards, and promote the implementation of various quality goals and measures in the product development process through quality planning.
Manufacturing process

Implement standardization work, through perfect production process and index results inspection mechanism, combined with excellent performance management mode, adhere to the quality management principles of management, technology and production personnel responsibility, power, and profit, and always focus on the core of quality to carry out production.

After sales service

Customer-centric, in the product design stage, with a deep understanding of user needs, build product and service advantages; always pursue the most perfect after-sales service, and constantly improve the customer response mechanism, reflecting professional, timely and warm service purposes.
keep improve

Full participation, through a variety of improvement models, the implementation of dynamic and balanced management goals, and constantly seek opportunities for continuous improvement.


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