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Production line

A 4100mm aluminum alloy medium-thick plate production line with high comprehensive performance, a 2800mm hard aluminum alloy aviation thin plate production line, a large size rail transit profile production line, and supporting high purity and high alloy aluminum alloy large ingot production line. The company produces aluminum alloy and calendering products for aerospace, rail transit, automobile and ship, machinery, power electronics and other industries, with a production scale of 200,000 tons/year.

The excellent engineering&researching team makes the position and assessment for enterprise development and major projects. Providing technical guidance and cooperation information for the researching projects. We have outstanding Aluminium chief scientists, many experienced technicians, and professional talents.
State-of-the-art testing equipment

1. Ultrasonic inspection classes A & AA with phase array.
2.Scanning conductivity testing system, which is able to characterize and evaluate the ductility and stress corrosion resistance of materials.
3.Portable conductivity testing equipment.
4.Immersed ultrasonic testing equipment.

Professional sales team committed to providing the best product solutions for our customers.
As an advanced specialized manufacturer of aluminum products, we possess a sales team which formed of experienced sales experts, they can rapidly and accurately realize customers' demands. We believes that our sales experts are not only simply connect with customers in sales-relationship, but also building up a platform for each other to achieve a win-win. Moreover, the requirements of customers on quality improvement, processes improvement, new product development are valued by us, therefore, while our sales team providing the best solution, more importantly, we paying attention to build-up a long-term steady relationship with our customers.


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